We are selling wire disentanglement puzzles : the goal is to separate two interlocked parts, most often a ring or a handle, from the main body of the puzzle. Our puzzles vary in difficulty. Some are suitable for those who prefer less of a challenge, while others are much more complicated and intended more for the serious puzzler. We also have several medium-difficulty puzzles that lie in between the two extremes.

These puzzles range from easy to medium difficulty. They will provide plenty of enjoyment without leaving you stressed out. Choose from seven designs. information about many of the finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles in the world. Most of the puzzles presented here are not the mass-produced variety found in stores, but limited production puzzles designed by the foremost puzzle designers in the world and produced by craftsmen (often the designers themselves) working primarily in wood. However, to provide representative examples of all the different puzzle categories, mass produced puzzles are often the only ones available and will be included.

Many of the puzzles are available directly from the designers, craftsmen, in stores or from catalog sales. Some craftsmen have provided information about puzzles they have available on their designer/craftsman page.This is our difficult category of puzzles. With these you will have to buckle down and put on your thinking cap. Choose from nine designs.If you want puzzles that are very difficult then this is the place. Solving one of these is an achievement. Choose from fourteen designs.

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